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Fennah (1984)

Fennah R. G. 1984 - Revisionary notes on the classification of the Nogodinidae (Homoptera, Fulgoroidea), with descriptions of a new genus and new species. Entomologist's Monthly Magazine. London 120: 81-86.
Original available names
Bilbilis caligula Fennah, 1984
Gamergomimus Fennah, 1984
Lipocalliini Fennah, 1984 previous combination of Lipocalliini Fennah, 1984
Lipocalliini Fennah, 1984
Acrisius Stål, 1862 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Afronias Fennah, 1967 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Alleloplasis Waterhouse, 1839 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Bilbilicallia Jacobi, 1928 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Bilbilis Stål, 1861 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Danepteryx Uhler, 1889 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Dictyobia Uhler, 1889 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Dictyonia Uhler, 1889 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Dictyonissus Uhler, 1876 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Dictyssa Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Dyctidea Uhler, 1889 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Gamergomorphus Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Gamergus Stål, 1859 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Gamergomimus africanus (Melichar, 1906) new combination of Gamergus africanus Melichar, 1906
Bilbilis dorsalis (Walker, 1851) new combination of Hysteropterum dorsale Walker, 1851
Johannesburgia Distant, 1907 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Kiomonia Schmidt, 1911 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Lipocallia Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Mangola Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Misodema Melichar, 1907 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Monteira Melichar, 1906 transferred from Nogodinidae to Nogodinidae
Neaethus Stål, 1861 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Nubithia Stål, 1859 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Nubithia gayi Spinola, 1852 new combination of Nubithia gayi (Spinola, 1852)
Osbornia Ball, 1910 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Paragamergomorphus Synave, 1956 transferred from Issidae to Nogodinidae
Geographical distribution
Bilbilis caligula Fennah, 1984
Wrong spelling
Dictyonyssus Uhler, 1876 wrong spelling of Dictyonissus Uhler, 1876